With our immaculate portfolio of summer house projects, Ege Birlik Construction obtained its corporate brand in 2009 under the leadership of Ercan Karadogan, who has extensive experience in construction, tourism and commerce. Designed by the best architects of the region, all our projects have been designed and presented as quality living quarters built with the company’s own resources, conforming to building legislation, with legal infrastructure completed and licenses obtained. To date, all projects completed and realised by Ege Birlik Construction have been delivered to the clients on time as planned. These projects are the most tangible examples of the “luxury and design approach” presented by Ege Birlik Construction. Each year we have been adding to a series of projects that started with Ege Birlik Estate – 1 which comprises 60 triplex villas and 20 apartments, now named “Cumhuriyet Estate”. Completed in the year 2013 with 80 duplex villas, the “Ege Birlik Estate – 2” project is still the pride of the Kusadasi seaside housing estates area with its established estate organisation and strong neighbourly relations. The “Ege Birlik Estate – 3” project located only 200 metres from the sea in the Kusadasi Love Beach area comprising 190 duplex villas commenced in 2014 with a proposed completion date of December 2016, but we feel very proud to have completed the construction in June 2016, six months ahead of schedule. Life has now begun in “Ege Birlik Holiday Village” which, being the first and only estate in Kuşadası with an aquapark and 180 duplex villas, carries the signature of Ege Birlik Construction most proudly. With our slogan, “Let there be no-one without a house in Kuşadası”, we laid the foundations of the “Ege Birlik Residence” project incorporating indoor and outdoor pools, a central heating system, the privilege of fitness and sauna facilities and 252 flats of different sizes, all of which were delivered to the buyers on time. Due to heavy demand we have begun the construction of another 80 flats with the aim to complete the “Ege Birlik Residence – 2” project by March 2019. The “Ege Birlik Deluxe” project comprising 60 triplex villas located in Kusadasi in the seaside housing estates area with it’s unique architecture offering detached living areas and the “Ege Birlik White Mansions" (Beyaz Köşk) project comprising 32 triplex villas at a distance of 400 metres from the sea were delivered in June 2017 as planned. Situated at the heart of the seaside housing estates area in Kusadasi we have opened “Praktiker Yapı Market” (Praktiker Construction Store) providing for the needs of the region 12 months a year located at the Ege Birlik Deluxe Business Centre. With our understanding of ‘service with a smile’ our slogan is ‘If you can’t find it at home, you’ll find it at Praktiker!’ In close proximity to the Ege Birlik Estate – 3 project, in the Kusadasi Love Beach area we have laid the foundations of the “Ege Birlik Sevgi Konakları” project, again only 200 metres from the sea and consisting of 68 triplex four bedroom villas; our planned completion date is December 2018. In Kuşadası, where luxury has now become standard, we have started the countdown for “Ege Birlik Residence 2 where we will be offering two and three-bedroom apartments for those who wish to experience the comfort of living on a quality residential estate economically. Our investments in the pearl of the Aegean, where we were born and raised, continue at full speed. As Ege Birlik Construction, our aim is to make everyone a home owner and a summer home owner. And while realising our aims, we at Ege Birlik Construction will continue to fulfil our responsibility towards nature and the environment within the framework of our various projects by lending our support to reforestation efforts for a greener and even more beautiful Turkey.


To contribute to the quality of life in the region and brand value with our inspirational projects.


With our belief in team work at every step of the way, from project development to turnkey completion and without compromising on quality, our mission is to create lasting relationships based on trust and respect with all our suppliers, partners and clients.


Our philosophy is to be “the architect of trust, quality and respect”. At Ege Birlik Construction Company, with our belief in team work, we commence all our projects by building “Trust and Respect” between our employees, suppliers, partners and clients, and then we say “Come, let’s make your dreams come true…”